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The best way to purify organic specialty vegetable oils

What is the process?

Deodorization is the process whereby the vegetable oil is heated under vacuum and then steam is passed through it to remove volatile components.  Because this is a physical process, it is suitable for organic as well as conventional vegetable oils and can be used safely.

The process:

  • Reduces the impurities in the vegetable oil which cause unwanted odors, and flavours.

  • Removes some of the color

  • Destroys peroxides

  • Removes free fatty acids

  • Inhibits the polymerization reaction

  • Minimises formation of trans fatty acids

The result is clear, light-coloured vegetable oil which is neutral in flavor and odor.

Deodorization is a key production step in the production of any high quality refined oil.

The Mini Deodorizer from the International Food Science Centre A/S is a versatile self-contained unit which is well suited to the small scale production of speciality vegetable oils, especially those with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

All the equipment is mounted on a single base which can easily be moved using a forklift truck or pallet trolley.

We can do toll refining of specialty organic vegetable oils and butters, retaining their active components. All refined vegetable oils are delivered back to the customer with nitrogen covering.

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