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Our aim is to control our impact on the ecosystem throughout the life cycle of our products. We will always remain focused on the major areas of development like the selection of raw materials, green technology, and biodegradability.


For many years, we have been working in close collaboration with our raw material suppliers to create more transparency in the supply chain, in order to make the path of the raw material traceable all the way from the fruit on the tree, to the manufacturing here in Denmark.


Our butters and oils are manufactured using only 100 % ethically and sustainably wild harvested, raw materials from all over the globe.

Our relationship with local harvesters enables us to be a part of immediate and measurable impact. We ensure that the people harvesting the fruits and seeds needed for our products are doing so in a sustainable and ethical way.


After the fruits and seeds are harvested, they are then transported to our centre in Denmark where we start our final production.

We are also part of the Qualitree program ( where we are continuously developing new products and redefining life in native countries.

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