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Our Quality is your strength



We offer full documentation for all our products.

(e.g. CoA, Data sheets, MSDS, various required statements etc.)


We have all the required certificates.

(e.g. Kosher, Organic, Fair Trade etc.)


We offer day to day delivery from our warehouses.

(Warehouses in USA, Denmark and the Netherlands)


We offer full technical support and know-how.

(We do all our testing and validation in-house)


We offer a wide range of oils and butters.

(We have one of the widest ranges in the industry - your one stop shop).


We offer product development based on your cosmetic application requirements.

(Our specialist and know-how help formulators of globally well-known cosmetic brands)


We are the only company in the world to offer internally stabilized oils and butters.

(Through our uniquelly developed technology we can produce oils and butters with                       increased shelf life of 20-60 times.)




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